JWSD History & Commitment


The Jefferson Water and Sewer District (JWSD) was created in 1987 to provide and control centralized water and sewer services to the Township. There were two reasons for forming the Jefferson Water & Sewer District:

  1. In many areas of the township there was not an adequate supply of ground water. Many homeowners had very low water pressure and poor wells. In some instances, residents had their water trucked in and held in storage tanks. There were also problems with many older septic fields due to the type of clay soil which is prevalent in the township.

  2. To allow Jefferson Township to remain a local government where residents that actively participate can make a difference. In order for the Township to remain a Township, annexations needed to be controlled. For the most part, the sole basis that the county uses to approve an annexation request is to ask, "Who can provide services?" Therefore, the only way bring to a halt or reduce the need for annexations was for the Township to be able to provide water and sewer services. By providing these services and keeping land in Jefferson Township, the Township retained control of zoning and therefore remains in control of how future development will proceed and what the character of the Township will be.

Since it's inception over 20 years ago, JWSD has not only seen a local government agency prosper into a vital community service pillar, it has also experienced significant growth. Jefferson Township's desirability and progressive commercial advancements have made JWSD a perfect and well prepared plan for its community growth. JWSD anticipates that coming years will generate even more rewarding achievements for the people and community of Jefferson Township.

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