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To better serve the the community and residents of Jefferson Township, JWSD provides current information on planned maintenance, water breaks and other related information effecting the water and sewer services provided by JWSD.

For the latest information concerning the Jefferson Water and Sewer District of Jefferson Township, please review and select from the following posted updates listed below.

There seems to a miscommunication regarding the Columbus Dispatch article dated February 19th 2010 regarding hardness in water. The article mentions Blacklick Estates which is in Licking County not Blacklick Ridge Estates which is in Jefferson Twp. Franklin County. The Jefferson Water & Sewer District strives to produce water that consistently meets O.E.P.A guidelines, and our hardness is maintained at 120 mg/l and below which is tested daily. The District’s consumer confidence report lists all our information regarding the contents and hardness which can be found here on our web-site.

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