Phone Tree Signup and Release


The Jefferson Water & Sewer District is pleased to offer a "Phone Tree" information system to its customers. Through our communication advisory system, we have the capability to notify and inform our residents of events, circumstances, and issues affecting water and sewer services via phone message and/or e-mail. This communcation aid is in addition to our practice, when necessary, of notifying the newspapers, radio, and television stations when emergencies arise that disrupt your water and sewer services.

If you are interested in receiving such notices from the District, please complete the form below so that we may contact you quickly to relay important information, and, if applicable, any course of action you should take. Please note that this service is a courtesy service, and the District accepts no liability for any miscommunication, error, omission, or other problem or failure of the service, and the Owner/Tenant, by "clicking" submit below, releases the District from any such liability, regardless of whether any costs or damages have been incurred related to the same.

Phone Tree Authorization

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By clicking Submit I have read the above Phone Tree Information and Release provided by Jefferson Water & Sewer District and I hereby agree to participate in this phone and/or e-mail notification system and agree to the release described above.
Your information will be submitted securely to our Customer Service Administration and entered in to our Phone Tree Advisory System shortly. You will also receive a confirmation of this submission via email to the email address you provided in the Phone Tree Advisory form.

You can also sign up for Phone Tree Advisory System by calling JWSD or by emailing us.

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Phone Number: (614) 864-0740

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