Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control
Learn more about Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control.

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Customer Service Forms
Phone Tree Signup
Owner Service Agreement
Tenant Service Agreement
ACH Payment Form
Backflow Report
Hardship Policy and Application
Sod Watering Credit Application
Credit Adj Policy and Application

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Online Bill Pay is Now Available
The Jefferson Water & Sewer District has another method for paying and viewing your water and sewer bill now available online!

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Consumer Confidence Report 2018
Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report For 2018

FAQ Section
Having issues with mineral deposits on your faucets? Want to know an easy way to lower your water bill? Find the answers to these and more frequently asked questions. You can also find out how to submit your own FAQ.

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Water & Sewer Rates.
Review the updated 2019 Water and Sewer rates for Jefferson Water and Sewer District

image Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control
image Customer Service Forms
image Online Bill Pay
image Consumer Confidence Reports
image Have a Question?
image 2019 Water & Sewer Rates

Customer Testimonials

Q: In your opinion is the new meter/reading system better, worse or the same?
“Not sure , can’t tell a difference I wish I could log in and see real time usage w/ an app.”- Tyler Nash (1/26/17)

Q: When we came and installed the meter did we answer all of you questions or concerns and were we professional?
“Your representative, Alex was fantastic. Explained the process thoroughly, answered all my questions and was officiant. A true professional.” – Julie (7/21/16)

“The gentleman that came out was extremely professional and had the best personality he also didn’t want to take too much of my time. He was great!”- Juliet Blackenberry (1/22/16)

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