JWSD Projects


JWSD is always thinking of the future and how to better serve its customers. Below is a listing of JWSD projects and their current status.

JWSD Projects Listing:

Project Location Status More Info Benefit
McCowan Rd. Water Tower Maintenance McCowan Rd. Water Tower Spring 2018 This project will consist of taking the McCowan Rd. Water Tower out of service for approximately 21 days for painting and performing repairs. During this process, the operational flow of the water supply system will be changed and as a result you may experience discolored water. If you experience this discoloration of your water, it is safe for consumption. This maintenance will extend the life expectancy and help improve the performance of the Water Tower.
Colts Neck Lift Station Havens Rd. West of the Colts Neck development Design is 95% Complete The new lift station will be located on Havens Road west of the Colts Neck development. This lift station will be capable of handling the existing flows and future development as necessary. The existing lift station was installed to serve the Colts Neck development and some of the surrounding area. As this part of the Township continues to develop this lift station is not able to handle the flows, partly because of age and capacity. The new sewer connecting the existing lift station to the proposed lift station will be sized for future needs. Ultimately, this will pump into the new City of Columbus tunnel being installed along Reynoldsburg - New Albany Road. We are currently working with the City of Columbus regarding final plans. This project is scheduled for construction in the Spring of 2018.
Smart Meters Entire District 70% Complete The project, sometimes referred to as a ”stationary system”, consists of installing new meters/devices in every home (in excess of 3500 meters). The new meters transmit the readings through collectors back to the server located at the JWSD offices. This allows real time readings which helps with the efficiency of the billing system and the ability to track irregular usage.
Reynoldsburg-New Albany South Waterline Loop Reynoldsburg-New Albany Rd Design Stage The proposed project will consist of installing approximately 300 linear feet of 8 inch waterline and appurtenances. To provide an additional waterline under the railroad tracks to insure water to users on the Southside of the railroad. It will also connect two "dead-end" waterlines (creating a loop) to help with water quality. The project is scheduled for construction beginning Spring 2018.
Reynoldsburg-New Albany North Waterline Loop Reynoldsburg-New Albany Rd Design Stage The proposed project will consist of installing approximately 2400 linear feet of 12 inch waterline running from Havens Rd. North to the Weldon subdivision on the north side of RNA. This new connection will provide a loop to the Northwest portion of the Township, providing better pressure, flow, and quality.

Fire Hydrants (Painting) - as weather permits

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